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Class Searches

Take some time to explore online course offerings.  All of the necessary tools to look up and discover what is being offered at both SCC and SFCC online are readily available for you here.

Start by looking at your degree program worksheet and familiarize yourself with the classes that are required for your program.
You can look up individual detailed class descriptions here.  Find the Subject Code (i.e. ACCT = Accounting) for a required class in your degree program or certificate program worksheet, and click through to find all classes offered through that Subject Code.  Classes are listed in order by course number (i.e. 100).

Use the ctcLink Class Search feature to identify current quarterly course offerings. Use THIS LINK in a different browser if you have your ctclink account open in your current browser (you can right click and copy link location/address).
Fill out the open search fields with this criteria to see a list of all available online courses for a given quarter:

Institution: Select the school you are attending through in the drop down menu

Term: Select the quarter you are looking for classes offered in the drop down menu

Subject: Do not select a subject if you want to see a complete list of offerings
  • Do select a Subject from the drop down menu if you are looking for a particular class
Course Number: In the drop down menu, select greater than or equal to and enter a 0 in the open field so the search will pull all available course numbers.
  • You can enter 100 if you do not want classes numbered below 100 included in your list.
  • If you are looking for a specific course, leave the drop down menu at is exactly and enter the course number
Course Career: select Academic Career to see credit courses. Continuing Education will display non-credit classes

Checking "Show Open Classes Only" will display classes that still have spots open for enrollment. Deselect it to see a list that includes full and waitlisted courses.

Click the triangle by Additional Search Criteria to open more search criteria options

Mode of Instruction: Find and select On-line, and your search will display only courses that are offered online.  
  • If you are searching for a big list, you will need to click OK a couple of times to get it to pull your list
  • Click any hyperlink in a course listing to view a detailed course description, including confirmation that the course is offered online
  • Read the description throughly for special notes and information regarding the online course offering. Contact academic departments and faculty for course and section specific questions
Click here for images of class search criteria for online courses